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Ex Jehovahs Witnesses United in Christ
EX Jehovah’s Witnesses United in Christ Home is where the Heart is and about this we take our stand. Ex JWs-United in Christ truly believe that for the vast majority of existing and ex Jehovah’s Witnesses the love of Christ is paramount to their very soul. So this website is not about turning our backs on the Lords Teachings, watering them down or compromising Holy Scripture as if part of Christendom’s many ungodly works and pagan traditions of men, it’s about staying ever close to Him in Spirit and in Truth no matter what!
Bridge over Troubled Water Bridge over Troubled Water
Disclaimer: EX-JWs United in Christ wish it to be known that we have no affiliation whatsoever with anyone who uses our domain/website title unlawfully to promote themselves, their goals or undermine us on You Tube or any other social network by the name of Marc & Cora or any other name. Our Spiritual beliefs, mission and aims are clearly defined for all to discern and about this we will not compromise. EX-JWs United in Christ takes no responsibility for content conveyed by outside links, each is accountable for our own intellectual property and all have a duty to respect others in accordance with established law.
Today's Child is Tomorrows Parent. Love, Cherish, Protect
“There is nothing carefully concealed that will not be revealed, and secret that will not become known.” – JC
By The Rivers of Babylon
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